There's a few things

you'll want to know...

A rare picture of me enjoying the beach.

Alaska > Hawaii > The World

I grew up on the Big Island of Hawai'i in a small town called Kailua-Kona. Life was simple as clockwork back then; I would wake up, go beach, hangout with friends and family, go school and spread the Aloha. My community was filled

The Man in the Mirror...

I see myself as a "one-of-a-kind, down to earth human-being"... but my friends call me a home-body. I love sports, video games, and building things with my own two hands (Legos). I have a strong bias towards action and love showing my appreciation to my peers and clients.

Love design! XD

Working with me means that you not only have someone who can push you to be better, but also, it means that you have someone that you can trust and grow with..


Graduate in UX Design at General Assembly

Bootcamp at GA taught me how to apply real empathy outside of caregiving. My mentors taught me fundamental knowledge, skills, and best practices that go beyond UX. I learned to discover and define problems, make improvements based on feedback, develop unique solutions, and so much more.

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Product Designer
at Mappa

Mappa is a Web3 metaverse studio that bridges the gap between our physical & digital realities through social gaming. They leverage GIS data to procedurally generate gamified versions of real cities in real time.

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I am open to work

Currently looking for working opportunities that offer growth.

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Photography &
Graphic Design

I got my start in photography which ultimately led to working for friends and family members. From there I to learn more about the "why" and cultivate my own process.

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